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Math Monsters™ is an amusing and enlightening video and book series that introduces young readers to Mathematical concepts through the humorous antics of Addison, Mina, Multiplex, Split and their friends. The books and videos are based on the wonderfully 3D-animated Math Monsters public television series, developed in cooperation with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and are designed to meet and support NCTM Standards for Pre-K-2 Mathematics content and process instruction.

K-12 Educational Supplements

"When it comes to reading, our children have many choices to give them a head start. When it comes to math, Math Monsters steps in to fill the void." Brought to you by John "Slim Goodbody" Burstein, creator of Slim Goodbody, Read Alee Deed Alee and The Inside Story.

60-page Teacher guide also available featuring detailed lesson plans, reproducible student activities and performance-based assessments to help teachers measure student’s progress. Each title focuses on key math concepts correlated to national and statue curriculum standards for Math and Science.

John Burstein, as Slim Goodbody, has been a favorite of children since 1975. He has been regularly featured on CBS, Nickelodeon, USA Cable, and PBS. John Burstein has created characters throughout the years to help teach children about reading readiness, math readiness, how the body works, child health, nutrition, fitness, self-esteem and life skills through song, dance and humor.




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Math Monsters

Books and Videos

Calculating Area: Space Rocket!
Collecting Data: Pick A Pancake
Counting: Follow That Fish!
Doubling: Circus Stars
Estimating: How Many Gollywomples?
Geometry: Looking Down On Monster Town
Keeping Track of Time: Go Fly a Kite!
Making Maps: Where’s the Party?
Making Tens: Groups of Gollywomples
Measuring: The Perfect Playhouse
Number Conservation: Planting Monster Melons
Number Lines: How Far to the Car?
Patterns: What’s on the Wall?
Using Computers: Machine with a Mouse
Teacher Utilization Tape (Video Only)



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